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We all love spacious houses but not all of us are living in sprawling mansions. Small apartments may be difficult to lay out and organise, particularly if you have a lot of goods and furniture. But lack of space doesn’t mean you have to forget a beautiful and comfortable space. Make your room become more impressive and spacious with 5 space saving tables:

From single person desk to a full dinner hosting table in seconds, transformer tables are modernly designed with elegant colours and the ability of changing size to fit different using purposes. The high applicability without sacrificing living space makes transformer tables stand out from the rest and become the best choices for your family.


1. Three-colors extendable dining table


Expandable table offers you the flexibility of 4 tables in 1 for any occasions, whether you are having family dinner or hosting a party of 8-10  people. There's also the possibility to make the expendable dining table a part of living room. It would take the place of the coffee table and the living and dining areas would become one.




2. Folding table with storage


With just one leaf up, the table works well in small spaces like studios or kitchen breakfast areas. Easily to store and arrange goods with crossbars and drawers. When fully expanded, it doubles in width incase you have more than 3-4 guests.




3. Folding table with wheels


Fold out one or two leaves for space-efficient uses. This table is designed with the storage for 4 chairs to save the most of space in your room. With wheels, you can easily move the table without scratching the floor. 




4. Transformer table with box seats


This smart table can transform into diferent shapes for numerous using purposes. In addition, the box seats increase the storage space. Things become neatly and easily to find out. Durable steel and scratch resistance glass top lengthen the lifetime of product.



5. Wall bar counter folding partition cabinet table


When prolonged, the cabinet will transform into a table for 4 people. Easily collapsed and extended, this product is particularly suitable for a small kitchen.







We specialize in providing smart furniture for people who don't have much space but desire modernity and convenience.

With long experience in manufacturing and exporting furniture to international market like China, Taiwan, America and Europe... We are committed to delivery the properly perfect living space for each person with our respect, love and responsibility.


Contact us if you need more information:

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